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Start capacitor 243-292-220V - phase converter

Start Capacitor 243-292 MFD 220 Volts
* 2.0625 X 4.375 Inches Demensions Round
* Brand new still in the box
The Phase Converter will artificially generate the third leg of a three phase system from the two poles of a single phase system. Static Converters are mostly used on equipment types that are free spinning, I,e, drill press, milling machines, saws, fans, hydraulic car lift, tire balancers, some small lathes can be converted by a Static. This is not a perfect transformation, but it does get the job done. Otherwise, a Rotary Converter will be necessary.
The output of the Rotary Phase Converter is closer to being a true 3-phase source that the Static Converter. This provides more power to the tool motor, and also brings it up a speed faster. The Rotary Converter is best served when you have a motor which is started and stopped frequently, and you need the full power of the motor. Furthermore, a single Rotary Converter can drive several different 3-phase tools, whereas a Static is built for a specific machine.
We have this optional feature available for the 3, 5 and 7.5 HP models. $25.00 Each
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Other size converters are available by order.
Above Specs are an estimate and may vary depending on your equipment. Please contact us for help with sizing. Call (***)-437-8811
Arizona Sales must pay Sales Tax 8.1%
Why choose Phoenix Phase Converters?
• Phoenix Power has over 55 years experience in the electric motor field.
• We are known for having very quiet, smooth and cool running converters.
• Every Phoenix Power Rotary Phase Converter carries a 3 year warranty against defects.
• High durability / quality components are used for minimal maintenance.
• Heavy duty, Oil Filled Capacitors
• TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled)
• Balanced voltage for voltage sensitive equipment
• Easy connections / installation
• Grow when you business grows, our phase converters are expandable
• Lifetime of friendly support on product
• 24/7 technical support, you will speak with an experienced tech every time.
Start capacitor 243-292-220V - phase converter