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New omron tl-X10Y2-52 proximity sensor TLX10Y252

Since 2001, Oberfrank Industrial Surplus has established itself as a reputable source for new surplus and top quality used industrial parts.
120 VAC, 2 wire, N.C., M30 barrel with nuts, weld immune
New surplus in the factory packaging. The packaging may have minor dirt, dust, writing, etc on it.
New surplus with no factory box. The item may have minor shelf wear. In some cases, the item may be a pull from a cabinet that was never installed.
Used, working in good condition with any notes in listed above.
We will not change the value of the product in any way or mark it gift.
All amounts are in U.S. dollars.
Oberfrank Industrial Surplus Co.
Please wait until we have sent you a reduced total (if it is possible to combine the items to one
First, we should point out that we only sell quality product and our return rate is less then 0.25%
2. Returns are handled per our return policy stated above.
3. We have made every effort to ensure that we have reported the specifications and any problems with these products, in the listing are correct. However, you should verify this information prior to using any product. We will not be held liable for any type of loss resulting from this product for any reason. Care should be exercised when using any type of product which will be used with electricity, under pressure, to carry weight, or any other type of potentially hazardous condition. It is your responsibility to make sure that the product is used and installed properly and that it will be able to handle any type of load, pressure, electrical current or any other type of potentially hazardous condition.
9. Returned checks are subject to a $30.00 charge.
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New omron tl-X10Y2-52 proximity sensor TLX10Y252