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New 5PC lot & used vacuum gauges ashcroft ametek usg

5pc Lot NEW & USED Vacuum Gauges ASHCROFT AMETEK USG !!
See the pictures for physical condition. If the item is used you can expect it to have minor wear from use, such as scratches, light surface rust, worn spots, small dings, stickers, residue, grime, marks, chipped paint, etc. Any exceptional imperfections found but not shown in the pictures will be noted below. If we say the item is new, we mean it appears to be in new condition, or we were told it was new. If we don't say it's new then it's used. Items are untested unless we state otherwise. Tests performed are basic and may not expose deeper operational problems. All equipment will likely require adjustment, minor repairs, maintenance, cleaning, miscellaneous parts, and the like. You are welcome to make an appointment to see the item in our Proctorsville Vermont warehouse before making your purchase.
Additional Product Information: Here's a lot of 5 new and used vacuum gauges as follows:
* (1) ASHCROFT 1002 3.5" 1/4" 30" VAC, new in box
* (1) AMETEK USG 30 PSI 30 HG 2.5" 1/4" liquid filled, new in box (box rough)
* (1) AMETEK USG 30 HG 2.5" 1/4", new in box (box rough)
* (1) USG TEST GAUGE 30 HG 30" 1/4" Stainless Steel, used but nice
* (1) USG 30 HG 2" 1/4", used but nice
Freight Items: Look up this product's packed weight and size in the table below. Email for a quote if you don't find your state or if the item is too big. Please pay attention to the notes below the table for possible additional costs.
Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania
Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Illinois, Virginia, Alabama, Indiana, Wisconsin, Quebec Canada, Ontario Canada
Tennessee, Iowa, Missouri, Colorado, West Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina
Louisiana, Mississippi, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Minnesota
Texas, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Arkansas, California, Oregon, Washington
Add up to $100 to a RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS*
Add up to $200 for a LIFT GATE TRUCK*
Add $50+ to a HIGH COST ADDRESS*
* Commercial Addresses must have a way to remove the load from the truck (e.g. loading dock, fork lift, or speedy employees) or they are subject to the liftgate charge.
* Destinations missing from the table are limited access areas for trucking and cost more, so we must provide custom quotes
* Items that are larger than 40"x48" footprint require us to have a custom pallet made, which costs more money
* More than 2500 Pounds, add $15 per 100 lbs
* Residential Addresses cost more for trucking companies because of limited access and the extra time required for delivery. Examples are homes, apartments, farms, and home-based businesses. This service costs up to $100 more than delivery to a commercial address.
* If you need a lift gate to remove the product the trucking company will have to have a special truck sent, which is subject to limited availability. Trucking companies often must specially hire such a truck in order to offer this service. This costs up to $200.
* If the address is in a very urban, very rural or limited access area, there will be a fee charged for service. This costs $50 and up. Typical examples are Manhattan (New York City), Martha's Vineyard (an island), and very rural and out-of-the-way areas of Northern New England where not much commercial traffic goes.
* Notification (call to arrange delivery) up to $20
* Terminal Pickup (will-call) $20 plus notification fee, item must be picked up in 24 hours or storage fees will apply
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New 5PC lot & used vacuum gauges ashcroft ametek usg New 5PC lot & used vacuum gauges ashcroft ametek usg New 5PC lot & used vacuum gauges ashcroft ametek usg New 5PC lot & used vacuum gauges ashcroft ametek usg