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Hewlett packard model 3457A multimeter HP3457A

* The Renowned Hewlett Packard Model 3457A - Option 007 DMM
* HP 44492A Reed Relay Multiplexer Assenbly with ten two-wire channels
* A National Instruments AT-GPIB interface card
This is a great lab package with all the gear necessary to connect up a PC to make real world measurements or to automate your test system!
Hewlett Packard Model 3457A 7 1/2 Digit DMM with Extended Resolotion with Option 700 and HP44492A Reed Relay Multiplexer
* Over 1350 readings/sec at 3 1/2 digits
* Seven Functions - DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, Ohms (2 and 4 wire), Frequency and Period
* DC Sensitivity to 10 Nanovolts
* 10 Channel Reed Relay Multiplexer
The 3457A has seven functions with 3 1/2 to 6 1/2 digits of resolution extendable to 7 1/2 digits at reading rates from l reading every 2 seconds to 1350 rds/s and basic DC volts accuracy as good as 5 ppm. In addition, this unit includes the 44492A Relay Multiplexer which expands the input to ten channels. On the bench, the front panel ooperation is extremely flexible and comprehensive. This system also includes option 007 - the Hewlett Packard Interface Bus ( HP-IB) with CIIL option.
Powerful Measurement Management
The 3457A combines superb analog measuring capability with equally powerful measurement management. More than 1000 readings or whole measurement sequences can be stored in the 3457A for convenent and fast measurement throughout. The present dmm setup can be stored in the non-volatile state memory for convenient reconfiguration of the dmm.
Additional power from math functions can be obtained by using PASS/FAIL limit testing, NULL, SCALE, THERMISTOR linearization, and others. The Power of total electronic calibration, including AC volts, makes it easy to maintain instument performance.
Keeping with HP's long tradition of systems oriented digital multimeters, the 3457A has all the systems features you've come to expect plus more to make interfacing to your computer even easier - features like flexible formattig of ASCII, 16 bit binary, or 32 bit binary data and buffer memory so that you can take measurements with the 3457A at its highest speed. In addition, you'll find the VOLTMETER COMPLETE output and EXTERNAL TRIGGER input signals ideal for synchronizing other instrumentation with the 3457A. Finally, programmable front-rear terminal switching lets you measure two separate inputs without a scanner.
Hewlett Packard Multimeter Language (HPML)
Another first for the 3457A DMM is an easy-to-use dmm language-HPML. Designed so that software written for today's multimeter will fit tomorrow's HPML only asks you to define the parameters necessary to accomplish your measurement. For example, if you want to make a measurement on a 9 volt DC signal with .01% resolution, the command sequence is "DCV, 9, .01".
Control Interface Intermediate Language (CIIL) Option
With Option 700, the 3457A responds to standardized DMM CIIL commands via HP-IB. Physically and functionally identical to the standard 3457A Option 700 adds the CIIL command set with a built-in Test Module Adapter (TMA) to the DMMs standard HPML. The 3457A is further enhanced by adding the functions of AC and DC current through CIIl through HP-IB.
Three Rear Panel Plug-In Options
Either one of three different optional assemblies may be used with the 3457A for different measurement capabilities. Using trhe multiplexer assemblies will enable up to ten signal channels to be scanned either sequentially or randomly. All of the functional capability offered through the normal front and rear input terminals is available for multiple inputs.
For high speed scanning, the 44492A Reed Relay Multiplexer Assembly offers ten two-wire channels. The 44492A is useful for switching dcV, acV, ac+dcV, two wire ohms, frequency and period measurement signals with a maximum amplitude of 125 V. The Reed Relay Multiplexer can close a relay and make a measurement at a maximum rate of 300 channels per second.
National Instrument AT-GPIB REV.E Interface Card
* DOS and Windows 3.1 drivers included
* GPIB Interface cable included
Hewlett packard model 3457A multimeter HP3457A Hewlett packard model 3457A multimeter HP3457A Hewlett packard model 3457A multimeter HP3457A Hewlett packard model 3457A multimeter HP3457A