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Alps potentiometer RK27112 blue audio pot - original

High-Grade/High-End Audio Potentiometer
15 available resistance values
Specially characteristic line for balance
Please notify us after the purchase which value you require!
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The mostly used potentiometer for HiFi/High End applications
A must for the demanding audio freak for a pure hearing pleasure.
There are no other potentiometers which have reached such a name recognition like the "blue velvet" from ALPS in more than 20 years.
Manufacturers of the whole world use in their devices these potentiometers primarily because of the precision, to the rotary feeling and the longevity and, therefore, these potentiometers nearly already own cult status
Please take all electric and mechanical data from them PDF-Dateien Data files.
A few essential characteristics of these potentiometers in short form :
* Cubic design with 27-mm wide, 24.5-mm height and 23-mm deep.
* 2 separate resistance chambers 10 mms separated and shielded of each other.
* Septuplicate diversified wide slider made out special contact material.
* Very tough, audiophiles rotary feeling.
* Synchronisation divergence of-60dB to 0dB within 2dB.
* Damping level at left plot min. 90dB.
Zeichnung des ALPS Potentiometers RK27112
All the potentiometer are pieces of new manufacture.
High-Grade/High-End Audio Potentiometer
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Alps potentiometer RK27112 blue audio pot - original