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New watlow 93AA1DA temperature controller /used/reman ?

This is a Watlow Temperature Controller 93AA1DA000RG513400 that Looks to be new. It is from stock that the company I work for is doing away with. We are going to a different style controller. This controller was in a box in our parts that was labeled NEW. I do not know that for sure as it was not in the orginal box, I do know that we have sent some of these to be checked out and repaired and they said they were ok. I plugged it in one of the ovens we have and it did light up and I went through the programming and it seemed to be ok. Was unable to check operation to see if it controlled temp. It did start and the temp was going up, not enough time to check all. The # you see is so I can keep them separated.
If there is a problem with this controller it can be repaired for a lot less then a new one would cost.
!! If you have a question just ask and I'll do my best to answer it !!
$4.60 plus $0.90 per $100 or fraction thereof over $300 in declared value
New watlow 93AA1DA temperature controller /used/reman ?