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Build a unique 3 phase converter, now with welder

Build a Unique 3 phase converter, Now with welder!!
Because I show you how to make unique three phase converters. I tried static converters and I tried rotary converters, and I was unhappy with the results. I figured out a way to run three phase motors on single phase power that is much better then the rotary method. It allows motors to run at full power and have full starting power, all the while, it is quiet and saves electricity.
New Additional Feature!! Bonus Info!
Do you have a small cheap 'hobbyist grade' wire feed welder? Are you happy with it's performance welding quarter inch metal? If your answer is no then this is for you!
I have decided to show how to build your own welder power supply. This is a natural since we are building homemade transformers to run motors. If you have all ready built a transformer to run a motor, the additional cost is only around 50 to 70 dollars. You then use your own small cheap wire feed welder to act as the spool gun. I have a Century welder that I bought from Home Depot for 90 bucks. It would weld sheet metal but nothing thicker, now I can weld 1/4 inch metal with ease. I now include this information in my dvd set. Don't take my word for it, go to this video and see it in action.unique3phase.com
Now back to the original 3 phase converter ad.
Are you tired of high electric bills for your home shop?
* Need to install bigger more powerful machines to keep up with production? Three phase is a must.
Tired of the noise your rotary converter makes?
Does your rotary lack starting power?
Would you like to get a new piece of equipment? But put it off because of the expense of a new rotary converter?
Would you like to run 460 volt motors off of 240 volt power?
Do you live in Australia, Canada, Europe, or Great Britain? Then you need to step the voltage up to 415 volts to run your commonly available motors. I show you how to build your own transfomer. You can wind it yourself to any voltage you need. Essentially we will step the voltage you have, 230 volts, to anywhere between 415 and 500. This is easy to do and will run your motor with full starting power.
* Enjoy building equipment yourself? You can learn valuable knowledge as you build a three phase converter.
Check this out yourself. I have video clips. Go to unique3phase.com to see motors running and what I am talking about. I have clips of the transformer method, the rotary method, and the homemade transformer method.
Like what you saw? Then you need to build yourself a new converter! Build one that works and does what you want it to do. Learn how to do it, and it becomes a simple task. You can help a friend or make extra money setting up motors for people.
My DVDs take you through the whole process of building three phase converters. I show you how to modify a three phase power transformer to use as a converter. I show you how to build a rotary converter if you have a welder or resistance load to run. I show how to balance the amp draws and voltages. See this in real time, in a video, so you know how to do it, and what to expect.
I also show you how to build your own transformer out of an old scrap motor. This allows anybody anywhere to have the benefits of the transformer type converter.
DVD number one introduces the transformer method and how it works. I show you how to take a used three phase power transformer and modify it. I show clear instructions on wiring and how to phase the transformer properly. I show you how to make a welder power supply, either as a stand alone unit, or built into a three phase converter transformer.
DVD number two shows some parameters of motors so you know what to watch for. I show the start relay we use, to provide automatic starts. I show how to hook the relay up right, and I even show what happens when it is hooked up wrong. I show how to use the start relay when running motors on 460 volts. I show some tricks on balancing motors and I show how to make your own transformer out of an old scrap motor. I show you how to wind any voltage you want. You can run 500 volt motors off of 230 volts, or run 460 volt motors off of 240 volts.
DVD Number 3 In this video I build a 10hp rotary and a 5hp rotary and we run and balance them. This shows you how to make a rotary and how a rotary performs.
All told there is more that 6 hours of learning, seeing, and doing.
Check out the website! Think about it! My way works and it can be done by the average person with a small amount of knowledge of electrical wiring. I also offer email support if you run into questions.
Attention : Electrical circuits that run three phase or even single phase motors are dangerous. Wiring transformers, hooking up capacitors, and the testing of these circuits could be hazardous to your health if you make a mistake or get careless. Unique3phase, a limited liability company, cannot be responsible for your safety. In addition to the danger of electrocution, there is also a danger of fire. In any circuit you build, and transformer you make, or wire, you should be aware that a short circuit or malfunction of one part can result in a fire. All precautions should be taken to insure that the proper circuit breakers are used and the final installation should be wired to code. This will insure a safe operating environment. The good news is that this type of electrical work is much different than the small circuit board electronics that you would see, for example in a computer circuit board. This electrical work is big and easily understood. 90 percent of building a converter is simple mechanical work that is interesting and you can learn something from it. If you do not have any understanding of electricity you can do most of the work and have a friend who understands electricity review it. I can guarantee you that any person in your area that knows electricity will be interested in taking a look at what you are doing. Running three phase motors on single phase power and making transformers is a fascinating adventure that electrical people would like to see anyway. The help they give you will make it that much more fun and safe for you.
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Build a unique 3 phase converter, now with welder