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30HP cnc rotary phase converter auger etcher blower etc

30HP Rotary Phase Converter Soft-Start / CNC / Heavy Duty / Built-in Starter
GENTEC American Rotary is the manufacturer and distributor of the largest selection of phase converters - Static, Rotary, CNC, and Digital.
UL Listed Available. Made in the USA.
Rubber Isolation Mounting Feet:
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Integrated Custom Soft Start
GENTEC's exclusive motor-integrated solid state soft-start is built directly into the motor/generator housing. With an 83% reduction in inrush (starting) current, our custom GENTEC/Baldor motor generator was granted a Soft-Start rating.
Built-in Motor Starter Automatic Control Ready
Precision Balanced for CNC
Each converter is balanced under load and no-load conditions to meet the requirements of most CNC applications. Please speak with our technicians when sizing a converter for a CNC application. Toll Free 1-888-7GENTEC.
Power factor correction keeps the amount of current that the power company has to produce to power the converter to a minimum, making our phase converters less expensive to run in industrial areas where "real power" demand charges can occur. American Rotary's proprietary soft-start generator typically eliminates demand charges.
Heavy Duty / Hard Starting
GENTEC American Rotary converters are rated "Heavy-Duty" which make them ideal for instant motor reversing, tapping, and other heavily loaded and hard starting applications.
GENTEC's PowerGuardTM technology keeps the converter and other equipment down stream, from restarting when power is restored. This feature can be turned off for equipment that is wired to automatically start after the converter.
The motor generator can be mounted in a separate room or structure away from the control panel, if desired. The control panel can also be conveniently mounted alongside existing service.
Busbars are easily accessible and safely located in a roomy compartment just beneath the firewall. This simple design eliminates messy wiring and cluttered conduit boxes. Please click here to view the installation pictorial online. Call our 24/7 toll free technical support!
For operational safety, when the converter is powered on and the LED is illuminated, the "STOP" button is raised for quick shut-off.
GENTEC phase converters are capable of running multiple motor loads, limited only by the current available. Because every GENTEC American Rotary phase converter is balanced from a no-load condition, there is no minimum as to the size of a motor that can safely be run with any of our rotary converters. Please call toll free 1-(***)-743-6832 for assistance.
Cost To Run/hr = Real Power (kW) x ($/kWhour)
Example: American Rotary 10HP Soft-Start CNC Balanced/All Purpose
Idle Power = .89kW (unbalanced would nearly double to 1.4kW!)
Cost To Run = .89kW x $.08/kWhour = $.07/hour at idle.
Note: When a machine load is applied to the converter, the idle power shifts slightly, but is considered insignificant.
Phase Converter Specifications Tables:
GENTEC's UL Listed Digital and Rotary Phase Converters
Wire Size (panel to idler) 1/0 gauge
Wire Size (panel to load) 1/0 gauge
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30HP cnc rotary phase converter auger etcher blower etc