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Ug-1019/u hn female coax connector

These UG-1019/U HN stainless steel female to female bulkhead adapters were part of dismantled surplus equipment from the Los Alamos National Laboratories. Each is individually packaged in its own package.
HN connectors are larger than type N connectors and have a 3/4-20 mating thread. HN connectors are designed to have increased voltage capabilities without realizing the loss of its RF parameters. Their threaded interfaces ensure a solid connection, allowing for high-power signal transmission with minimal signal loss. These connectors are well-suited for carrying high-power RF signals. Many military radio systems used HN connectors. Impedance: 50-Ohms. Frequency range: DC to 4GHz. Voltage rating: 1,500 volts RMS.
The current catalog cost of this type of connector is currently over $64.00 each!
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Ug-1019/u hn female coax connector