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Smt/smd/hot air rework station, 850B+8 nozzles

EscrowUnlt © AP6.0New hot air rework station, model AT850B,with 8 nozzles, for surface mount components.
* Temperature and air pressure controlled seperately.
* Hot air temperature: 100°C to 480°C.
* Power consumption: 300W(Max).
* Nozzles included: A1125(10x10mm QFP),A1126(14x14mm QFP),A1127(17.5x17.5mm QFP),A1128(14x20mm QFP),A1130(4.4mm round),A1131(4.4x10mm SOP),A1132(5.6x13mm SOP),A1170(7.2mm round). More nozzles available.
* The nozzles are exchangable with Hakko and other hot air soldering stations.
* One year manufacturer's warranty.
* This is an economical model in our hot air rework station series.
Model comparison and purchase recommendations
SMT production, professional repairing, strong hot air
repair shop, prototypes, amaturers, strong hot air, good soldering iron
light SMT work, hot air not as strong, for small SMT components
prototypes, very big SMT chips, removal of big throughhole parts
3-in-1 system, good for repair shop and design engineers
Excellent for throughhole production and repair, fast heat recovery
OK for throughhole components, good for small SOP SMT chips
We are the official distributor of Atten soldering stations in the US.
We have been quite pleased with this unit after using it for a while now. The only thing we have discovered is that the technique used, and type of solder paste selected are both very important. We have found that Alpha no clean solder paste must be heated SLOWLY in order to prevent many, and I mean many solder balls, however Kester solder paste can be heated much faster without the same problem. Other than that, a good value for the money.
Smt/smd/hot air rework station, 850B+8 nozzles