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Hammond mfg constant voltage ac regulator CV1201200 ups

These four Regulators have never been used. Two of the boxes have been cut open, but the regulators were never out of the boxes.
* AC regulating - protects against both brownouts & over voltage conditions.
* Protects against any power problem other than a blackout.
* Will operate through a 3 millisecond (minimum) blackout.
* Long life - ferroresonant design - no moving parts.
* Ferroresonant design also filters out surges, line harmonics, and RF noise.
* Input 120VAC (+10 % to -25 %), 60 Hz
* Provides circuit isolation.
* Noise Isolation (RF) of 120 db common mode, 60 db normal mode.
* Spike attenuation: 250:1 minimum.
* Sine wave output - total harmonic distortion (THD): 3 %
* Units also include a 2nd stage of high frequency filtering on the output - a Hammond Mfg. exclusive.
* Operating temperature range of -40 degrees C to +40 degrees C.
* Standard 3-wire, grounded plug & receptacle.
* Front panel lighted power switch.
* Input (primary) connected to an extra long 15 foot, heavy duty 14/3 SJTW cord for extreme temperature ranges.
* Integral molded, standard North American plug (NEMA 5-15P).
* Output (secondary) connected to a rear mounted, standard North American, grounded receptacle (NEMA 5-15R) - quantity depends on power capacity of unit (see table below).
* Rugged two piece ventilated steel enclosure.
* Finished in a grey/beige color, textured powder paint with rubber feet installed.
* NOTE 1: Due to the nature of ferroresonant designs - these units do produce audible noise. We have reduced this through careful design, but these units are NOT usable in an office environment.
* NOTE 2: These units provide complete isolation from the source voltage. In other words, the "neutral" output wire has no connection to ground, this is a UL requirement for this type of device. Therefore plug-in circuit testers & line "polarity" testing devices will NOT function on the output as it is completely isolated.
* North American Mark of Safety: C UL & UL listed (File #E211544)
Hammond mfg constant voltage ac regulator CV1201200 ups